Areas of Interests: Generative Modelling, Applied LLM, Deep Learning, Computer Vision,  ML applied to Public Health, Agriculture, Sustainability

Director of ML (2023 - Present)
Artpark is a non-profit housed within Indian Institue of Science - Bangalore 
🎉 Winner of Two grants out of 1300 submissions for Gates Foundation's LLM Grand Challenge 

Collaboration with Armman: LLM assistant for Front Line Workers 

In collaboration with IPRD team, first authored a comprehensive white paper outlining the potential and pitfalls of building LLMs for LMICs 

Machine Learning Scientist and Manager (2020 - 2022)
Non-profit focused on Socially Impactful ML applications. 
Founding CEO P Anandan

Cough against Covid: Paper, Code, Model and Dataset

Cotton Pest Management: Poster@Neurips 2023, Paper, Code, Challenge, Impact

Newborn Anthropometry: Blog, Fast Company's World-Changing Idea 

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